What I Bought: December 2018

One of my New Years resolutions is to buy clothes more strategically. The constant Instagram posts and email ads from retailers sucked me further and further into the fast fashion world and it was honestly exhausting. I woke up every morning with a need to snag all the fashionable pieces. This is 1) bad for my wallet and 2) terrible for the environment. The more my closet filled up with pieces, the more sad I became - always feeling like I’m missing the next trendy item. Plus, Jordan can barely walk into my walk-in closet now :P.

I’m starting a new series on my blog called “What I bought” which will help me document what I buy every month. (Disclaimer: I do receive some sponsored clothing items, but I purchase majority of my clothes. These blog posts will feature only non-sponsored content and all opinions will be authentic.) I still love fashion trends and putting together new outfits, but I want to purchase my fashionable items more strategically. Do they pair well with my existing items? Will I wear them for more than one season? The goal of these blog posts is to think through all the items I buy before purchasing and hopefully these monthly blog posts will end up becoming… empty! Hopefully this will inspire you to also shop less and focus more on what you already have.

1. Everlane Underwear

Everlane sent a $20 coupon for the holiday season and I had to take the opportunity to try out the Everlane underwear collection I’ve been hearing so much about. Each piece is 92% supima cotton and 8% elastane. Supima cotton is a specific type of cotton made in the US that has extra-long lasting fibers that will ensure your underwear will last a while. Plus, Everlane uses ethical factories and promotes sustainability. Good quality and a company that values the environment. Win WIn.

I purchased the hipster and high waisted. When I initially opened the underwear from their cardboard packaging (yay no plastic), I was slightly disappointed. They are not as soft and seamless as underwear from companies such as True&Co and Victoria Secret’s seamless line. But I was very surprised after trying them out for a few days. They are light weight and extremely breathable. I practically never noticed them there. The high waisted ones in particular were ultra comfortable! They feel like a pleasant hug. I’ve been gravitating towards them non-stop.

2. Mango Pieces

Mango is my favorite online retailer, but they are a fast fashion brand. Fortunately, they have created the Take Action and Committed collections that are focused on using sustainable fabrics (recycled polyester, etc.). I have been trying to refrain from shopping at Mango as much, but when I saw the white skirt I’ve been eyeing all season on sale during the Winter Sale, I had to make a purchase. Usually Mango has 30% off sales all throughout the year, so I look for pieces that are >30% during seasonal sales. The white skirt is a perfect addition to the closet because midi skirts have lasted a few seasons now and I predict they will be in for at least another year. Plus, white is versatile for both all seasons. You will definitely be seeing me wearing this all throughout the year. The sweater and T-shirt are from the Take Action collection. I only own one grey turtleneck and wanted a beige turtleneck as a basic in my wardrobe to create more outfits with. For the shirt, I loved the button detail - it’s a fun twist to the basic t-shirts I wear all year long. As for the sweater, I didn’t need it, but I wanted to try out the Committed collection.

Edit: I returned the button shirt and the Committed collection sweater. The shirt material felt stiff and some threading was already coming out. The sweater from the Committed collection did not fit me right and sat awkwardly on my shoulders.

3. Uniqlo

I decided to visit the Uniqlo store in the Kansai airport during my layover and check out the latest heat tech pieces. There was a huge clear out sale going on and a nice fluffy jacket was screaming my name (plus no tax on airport goods!). It was an unnecessary purchase, but the jacket looked and is insanely warm - perfect for the upcoming winter season. I justified the purchase as a little present to myself before I begin 2019 as a conscious shopper. There was also a black merino wool turtle neck on sale. I picked it up because (as mentioned earlier) I don’t own that many turtle necks and it will be a great basic in my wardrobe.

Overall, I am really happy with the Everlane and Uniqlo purchase, but the Mango purchase was a little unnecessary. Share down below what you think and what you bought this month!


It's currently that awkward time between seasons where the weather is starting to cool down, but it's not cold enough to whip out the sweaters yet. Summer clothing covers all the sale racks even though we're still technically in summer and fall clothing fills all the front pages of websites and windows of stores. 

However one great perk about this is that you can now start browsing what you want for fall! I always like to save some favorites before buying and seeing what pieces start trending on IG, what stores are bringing out cheaper versions of certain items I want, and more importantly how can I DIY some items or style current clothes to fit my fall fashion and A/W 2018 outfit theme.

I've done a whole lot of perusing and and wanted to share my top picks currently. I hope this gives you a glimpse of the amazing pieces that are coming out and inspires your fall A/W 2018 wardrobe. Don't forget, you don't always need the trendiest pieces to be in fashion. I will be releasing blog posts on top fall fashion trends and how to thrift/DIY them.

xx alice

5 Outfits I Wore In Chicago

This blog post is the same as my usual Instagram outfit recaps (1, 2), but the Chicago version! I was there for a week and wrote a travel guide talking about what I did (here). Below is a description of what I wore to wander the city and ... everything as always is linked.

Outfit #1

I wasn’t technically in Chicago wearing this outfit, but I have Chicago in my caption so I think it counts ;). I mentioned both of these items in my IGTV Summer Haul Part 2 (link). I mentioned that the pants were itchy, but they became much more tolerable after washing. I am in love with the color rust for the summer and fall season and I also can’t say no to adding another pair of flowy pants to my closet. I paired the pants with the white Mango shirt from my haul. I love how this top pairs well with all outfits and the high cut makes any outfit look instantly chic. The bag is from A&F and the hat is from UO. Both are currently sold out, so I linked some alternatives below.

Pants: Zara

Outfit #2

When I got to Chicago, I spent the first few days eating and exploring and I didn’t take many photos (except for my stories. Follow me on IG @aysdiary to see what I'm up to on the daily). After a few days, I decided to relax in my Airbnb and have a self-pamper day. A pamper day means a super comfy outfit, so I opted for my PJ set from AdoreMe.

PJ Set: AdoreMe

Outfit #3

After a very relaxing day, I was ready to go back out to eat. I wore my new favorite crop top from UO. I love the dainty flower prints and the square neck. I paired it with a denim skirt, which became my go-to pretty much every night of the trip. I love how the skirt has a slight give, so I can still eat quite a lot and wear the skirt. I also wore my Hurricane XL Tevas (that are made for hiking) to walk around the city because they’re very comfortable and breezy.

Outfit #4

The summer heat wave hit Chicago and I had to swap out my long-sleeved shirts for something cooler. Luckily, I brought with me my Mango scarf. It acted as the perfect tube top. Light, airy, trendy, and double-sided. One side had purple polka dots and the other side had a floral print. Because the scarf is thinner than a tube top, I paired it with a very high-waisted pair of linen shorts from Mango.

Outfit #5

When the weather dropped down (~75 F), I was able to wear my long pants and shirt. I opted for linen pants and a breezy long top. The top is an old find from Uniqlo, but I linked a more recent button-down shirt from the brand down below. The pants are from Mango and I am loving how cooling linen is for the summer. It is the perfect item of clothing to wear if you want to protect your skin from the sun, but also not overheat.

Hope you liked the Chicago outfit round up. Let me know down below which one was your favorite outfit!

xx Alice

Instagram Outfits of the Week: 6.17. - 6.27.18

Another week, another Instagram outfit update. This blog post extends to Wednesday because I posted less last week and I wanted to share a weeks worth of #ootds. As usual, all the links of the outfits will be down below. 


I wore this lovely dress to the graduation ceremony (not mine). The small floral print on a breezy max styled dress is the perfect summer occasion event dress. Unfortunately, this dress was from a small boutique and sold out. I linked some other summer floral dresses below. 


I wore this outfit on a grocery run. The net bag has proven to be surprisingly handy for grocery shopping and I love looking on trend while picking up food. The birkenstock sandals are my favorite new go-to slip on shoes. They are so incredibly comfortable and I highly recommend. The skirt is thrifted, but I also included some alternatives.


This was the perfect lounging outfit. These pants are super comfy, almost like PJ pants and the bodysuit was fitting for the warm summer day. I threw on the hat mainly because it matched the bodysuit and added my go-to accessories.

P.S. can you spot @jordanjoz? 



I am so obsessed with linen dresses (if you haven't noticed already), so of course when I saw this "mellow yellow" wrap dress I had to pick it up. Yellow and purple are the it colors of this summer season and wearing the color yellow as a dress is the perfect way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe.


You all loved this photo on IG and I'm not gonna lie... I am starting to like the rainbow trend. I love seeing a rainbow in the sky, so why not see it on my outfit for an entire day. I started with just a top, but I may be purchasing full on dresses during this summer season. Have you tried this trend yet?



Although I'm showcasing my beautiful new necklace from Aurate, I am also so so obsessed with this top. I bought it on a whim after seeing it on the website and have no regrets. You will definitely be seeing me wearing this a lot this summer. 


Hope you enjoyed another round up of IG outfits. I also posted a Summer Haul Part 1 on my IGTV channel (@aysdiary). Check it out for more new-in summer clothes before I post them on IG!


Instagram Outfits of the Week: 6.09 - 6.16.18

With my new blog rebrand (The Alice Diary, formerly wonderlostxx), I am starting a new series called Instagram Outfits of the Week. Like most bloggers, I use #ootd apps, such as LikeItToKnow.It and ShopStyleCollective. But I know not all of you use these apps and I wanted to help you out by linking all weekly featured Instagram items in a blog post. Plus, shopping on a computer versus a phone is way easier, am I right or am I right?

Every week, I will be posting my outfits on a new blog post along with additional photos not seen on Instagram of the same outfits. All outfit details will be linked and a small description of my thoughts on the pieces. 


The TopShop top and Mango bag is currently sold out, but I have linked some alternatives below. There is an even sturdier version of this bag on Mango currently. You won't have to deal with "sharper" items, like boxes and bananas, sticking out.


I highly highly recommend Birkenstock shoes! I had a black leather double strapped pair before that I wore for 4+ years. It was the only shoe I wore when I travelled through Europe for 5 weeks and twice in Asia for 3 weeks. I knew I had to get more when I stumbled upon these suede double strapped soft bed Birkenstock sandals at the REI garage sale (also HIGHLY recommend going). They were only $60 (originally $135). Plus with the REI credit card, there was an additional 5% off ($3 off!). I also scored a nice backpacking backpack not pictured for $60 (originally $220). Note: blog post on the REI garage sale coming soon once I attend more of them. 



I love a good linen blazer for the summer because it instantly makes an outfit look chic. The high neckline top paired with a blazer makes this look perfect for both office wear and casual wear. 


I wore a light and breezy jumpsuit with a denim jacket (because SF is always cold) for my photoshoot with the talented @dfvbio


You all seem to love this outfit - I honestly wear t-shirts and jeans pretty much everyday and did not post as much because I thought it would be repetitive. Now that I know you all love it, I'll post more of my less "dressy" looks! The t-shirt was an old Madewell sale item, but I linked other Madewell alternatives below. Their basics qualities are always well-made and last for a long time. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the first Instagram weekly recap on The Alice Diary. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I will also send out weekly updates on my Instagram outfits so you can view them from your email. Subscription box available on the home page.


It is finally spring/summer season, which means the coats are going away and fun tops, bottoms, and dresses are coming out! I've compiled ten of the top summer trends for 2018 that I have seen most on Instagram, Pinterest, and online stores.  There are still so many more, but ten trends are already so much to think about when shopping. Don't forget to have fun this season and see how you can incorporate some of these trends into your wardrobe!

1. Straw Bags

We started to see these last season, but they are really here to stay. Adding a straw bag to your outfit instantly adds summer vibes to it. There are so many different variations coming out lately ranging from circle to bucket bags. There will definitely be one that will fit your style. The straw bag with a handle (shown below) was from Free People. Unfortunately, it is sold out, so I linked the green version below. 

2. Button down dresses

We also saw these types of dresses last year from Urban Outfitters. This year, most stores are carrying them and I am loving all the variations. You can find one in almost any color and any style. The most popular ones are solid white, denim, and stripes. My favorite are the thin strap dresses, but I have been eyeing more t-shirt style button down dresses and dresses with diagonal buttons going down.
I've found a few of these dresses in varying price ranges (also reflecting their quality). I highly recommend making sure the dress is linen for the warmer days and thick enough to not show your undergarments and allow you to go bra-less (such a game changer!)

3. Blazers

Blazers are everywhere this season, especially striped and pastel blazers. I am such a huge fan of this trend because blazers instantly make you look like a girl boss! Many stores are selling mathcing blazer and trouser looks together which is such a chic twist to the classic black blazer and skirt/trouser outfit.

4. Wide leg pants

This trend is my absolute favorite this season. Half of my wishlist includes various types of wide leg pants. They are so comfortable because there isn't fabric hugging your skin. I also find them very flattering because it hugs your butt and allows it to be the main focus. There are many types, including denim, elastic waist bands, trouser-like waistband, and many more. I highly recommend trying out a pair!

5. Co-ord sets

Co-ords are sets that have the same patterned top/jacket and bottoms. It is such a huge trend this year, commonly seen in matching blazer and trousers. There are tons of fun co-ords available. They are also the best bang for your buck because a co-ord set is really three different outfits! You can wear the top or bottom by itself and pair it together for another look. I always make sure to look for co-ords that I know can mix well with my other outfits. 

6. Puff sleeves

We saw puffs towards the bottom of sleeves last year. This year the puff is moving up. Many shirts now feature puffs on the shoulder to the wide shoulder look. It instantly makes you look powerful, yet feminine. 

7. Western

This trend is a little bit more understated, but when you start noticing it you will see it incorporated in many items of clothing available in stores. Western style boots are very in with the heel slanting inwards towards the front of the show. White western boots in particular I have seen on many retailer sites, such as Zara, Free People, etc. Fringe on the breast area of the shirts and microfloral prints are  also inspired from Western fashion. My favorite adaption of this trend is microfloral prints, heavily seen in TopShop.  

8. Microsunglasses

If you have seen the Le Specs Lolita sunglasses on Instagram, then you have seen the microsunglass trend. No more large oversized frames, make room for little frames that sit on the edge of your nose. Honestly, it does a terrible job blocking out the sun and is only great for Instagram. I predict this trend will die by next year, but it is a fun one to try out. Time to get that selfie camera out and snapping.

9. Ugly Sneakers

I honestly do not understand this trend, but dad sneakers are back in. They are your ugly chunky thick soled sneakers. One outfit I see a lot on Instagram is pairing large chunky sneakers with a blazer/trouser co-ord set. This look screams street style meets office wear.  

10. Rainbow Stripes

Beautiful rainbow stripes are now seen on so many outfits, especially on the Reformation website. This is such a fun way to wear lots of colors and there are a wide variations of these stripes in different retailers. I have not personally tried this trend yet because the colors scare me, but I see it on so many other girls and they look amazing!

I hope you found this trend compilation useful. Let me know down below in the comments what trend you are most excited to try, or are trying already! #aysdiarystyle to show me your looks. I will be featuring my favorite on Instagram Stories

xx Alice

End of Holiday Sales

It's another round of holiday sales! During the year-end and after Christmas sales, most stores are trying to get rid of their fall/winter items, so they can bring in more spring clothes. That means this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on winter wear. I've rounded some of the best deals going on right now so you can take advantage of all the amazing deals:

1) Madewell

Yup, Madewell is back with 30% with the code "LATEBIRD". Make sure you double check the item to see if its returnable. A lot of them are final sale.


For Christmas, 40% off all sales on the app ONLY. BUT starting on the 26th, you can find it online. Free People has an amazing holiday return policy, so don't worry if you're planning a trip soon. You can still return/exchange when you're back.


Abercrombie&Fitch has become my new obsession ever since I re-discovered them in the beginning of December. Their clothes are still extremely high quality and now they don't have the moose or AF logo everywhere! I stocked up on staples from here and their sweaters are leaving me sweating (its that warm). Right now its 40-60% off! I recommend buying a few pieces and testing them out for yourself. Plus, their henleys and tees are still SO soft. 


For those of you who want to invest in more high-end pieces, Net-A-Porter is having a sale up to 70% off! You can find brands like Chloé, J Brand, JW Anderson, Acne Studio, and more on sale.


Of course, we can't forget Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale. Save up to 50% on a wide range of brands. 


Topshop is having up to 50% this sale season. Many of the fashion pieces we have been seeing all over Instagram are found for a fraction of the price! I know I'm going to be stocking up on some white booties and vinyl pieces.

I hope this gets you shopping because the deals are amazing this year. Happy Holidays!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Deals!

It's already that time of year - Black Friday! We all know the crazy deals that happen, but every year the sales start earlier and earlier. Luckily, a bunch have already popped up! I'll keep compiling the sales as they start (or end :() here on this blog post. For Cyber Monday, I'll keep adding sales that I see. Most of the sales continue all the way until Giving Tuesday. Don't forget to bookmark this and keep checking back here, so you don't have to manually search all the websites yourself! 

1. Madewell

If you're a Madewell Insider, you probably already got the email. The sale this year will be 25% everything! This sale has already started and I've already bought a load of clothes!


30% off EVERYTHING with the code "EPIC30"! This ranges from basics all the way to designer pieces. I'm going to take advantage of this sale and buy some trendier pieces that I wanted to try, but didn't want to spend the money on. They also have a fantastic gift section, so you can start shopping for stocking fillers and gifts. 


25% off EVERYTHING including sales! I used this deal as an opportunity to snag some designer deals. I just got the Jumbo Love Crossbody bag for $145 (including tax) when it was originally $355 (not including tax)! $145  is equivalent to a jacket at some high street store, but I decided to save that money for this bag. It's large and practical. An unboxing video will be coming soon :)


Shopbop careries pretty much every designer and high-street type fashion items. From 11/22 - 11/27, you get 20% off if you spend 200+, 25% off if you spend 500+, and 30% off if you spend 800+! That means 30% off a Chloe bag, which saves you up to $300! Get shopping!


All Saints is your go-to if you are all about that minimalistic high quality style. Their clothes are so well made and definitely worth the high price point. This Black Friday, everything is 40% so it is the perfect time to snag those famous sweaters and leather jackets. I know I'm heavily eyeing the Aviator Jacket. 


This year Topshop is giving discounts up to 50%! I've spotted items that I have been wanting all season and now they are heavily discounted. There are so many dresses, vinyl skirts, jackets, and more. 


There is a massive sale with selected items up to 40% off (don't worry there is a LOT. Like over 200 pages). If you missed the big half anniversary sale a few months ago, here's your chance to snag those items on major sale. 



30% everything! Zara does this sale every year, and every year I pick up everything I've had in my bag since August.


Only one time a year, Mejuri is giving you a discount off their extremely high quality, minimalistic, and dainty jewelry. You get 10% off one item, 15% two items, and 20% three or more. I LOVE Mejuri because their jewelry pieces match with every outfit. Also their high quality allows me never take off the necklaces and earrings because they do not rust. This is definitely a worthy investment. 

I will be updating this page as the sales come rolling in! I won't be posting every sale out there. I'll filter for the good ones and write about them here, so don't forget to bookmark this page and keep coming back to it everyday to see the new sales!

Best Sneakers for a Casual Outfit

I'm rarely caught in jeans, but lately I have been investing more time into high quality jeans. Mainly, it's because I noticed they make butts look real good. Anyone else agree? 
As I wear more jeans, I've also been trying out more casual looks. That means I have also been on the hunt for the perfect sneakers to go alongside the looks! Luckily, I stumbled upon Shoes of Prey. They are an amazing brand that allows you to customize your own shoes! I've been wanting white sneakers for a while, but could never find one that was unique and fit my style. With the help of Shoes of Prey, I designed some white sneakers that have different textures on them. I love having a pair of shoes that other people rarely have. On the plus side, Shoes of Prey allows you to add inscription inside the shoes. Can you guess what I wrote?

I paired these shoes with Madewell jeans, t-shirt, and my latest obsession ... cape scarves. I love how warm they are and the fall vibes they give. Paired with these white sneakers, I'm loving my look and feeling extra cozy. And of course, I got you a discount code. Use the code "WONDERLOST" for a free custom inscription in your shoes. Think of it as a little personalized message to yourself every morning as you slip on the shoes. What do you want to tell yourself? 


Shop The Look:

Best Hats for This Fall Seasion

My favorite part about the fall season is the drop in weather, which allows me to wear chunky sweaters, hats, and scarves again. Today, I have rounded up some of my favorite hats to wear during fall (and winter!). Hats are the best to change up an outfit and to cover up oily hair. Some hats are from last season, but honestly every hat trend usually comes back every year or every other year. 


Berets are SO big this season! We saw them first last year in the color black. This year, it has come back bigger and better in beige, red, and patent leather. Wearing a beret makes an outfit instantly chic. 

Above is how I styled the black beret from 2016

Above is how I styled the beige beret from 2017


Beanies will be forever in - I've been wearing these since high school and I am still loving them. They are much more practical for the colder weathers because they trap all the heat coming out of your head and keep you warm. Fun fact: to keep warm, just wear a hat and thick shoes because your body releases the most heat from your head and feet.  This year, I found amazing beanies from King & Fifth. I love how thick the beanies are and they fit most head shapes. 


I wore my FORTE beanie when I went to brunch. I sat outside in the breezy SF weather and I was not cold at all. Also I wore the ESSIE beanie when I went glamping (blog post coming soon). The beanie paired with sweatpants made the comfiest combo. Since I love these beanies, I got you a code for 10% off "KF10%WONDER". Enjoy!


We also saw these last season, but they are still here to stay. They are a classier alternative to the classic baseball cap. I love how they have a boxy shape. For people with short foreheads (like me), it adds volume to the top of the head so you can fake a forehead. 

I hope you found this useful and will start adding more hats into your wardrobe. Don't worry I didn't forget straight-brim hats and fedoras. I just personally don't wear them as much, but I am on the hunt for some good ones. Stay tuned for an update on this post when I find one.

If you do style baker boy hats, beanies, and berets into your outfits, don't forget to #wonderlostootd so I can see how you style them. I will be creating a future blog post on my favorite #wonderlostootd ! 

How To Style Plaid Blazer

Gingham was the IT print for summer, but this fall we are starting to see grey men's plaid take over all the stores. There are many derivations of the pattern ranging from checked-like patterns to full on 70's plaid, so there is definitely one out there that you will like. For this post, I've put together a few ways that I styled my Zara plaid blazer and also put together a YouTube lookbook for you. I'm trying to make more videos so please subscribe to my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/wonderlostxx) if you want to see more content. 

Unfortunately, my specific jacket is no longer available on the Zara website, but I have found some alternatives for you:

Matching Trousers with my jacket: Zara
Alternative Jacket: Zara



Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans&Shoes&Bag: Nordstrom
Hat: Asos
Earrings: Forever21



Dress: ShopSugarSands
Watch: Kapten&Son
Shoes: Nordstrom
Earrings: Stella&Dot



Belt: ASOS
Shoes: Gifted





PRO TIP: Slouchy boots are so in this fall, but you don't have to break the bank to buy a pair. I was gifted a slightly oversized boot and I just pushed it down to give it the slouchy effect.



Hat&Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Cello


Fall is here and this year we are seeing plaid/checked blazers everywhere. I've put together my first YouTube lookbook to show you how to style an oversized plaid blazer. All outfit details are linked in my blog post: Don't forget to subscribe if you liked the video!


It is finally here. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a.k.a. the best two weeks of shopping of the year. The best part about this sale is that even new arrivals go on sale, so this is the perfect time to stock up on the upcoming fall or back to school looks you are dreaming of. The best items to look for will be boots, coats, handbags, shoes, and winter accessories. 

This year, Nordstrom card holders will be able to begin purchasing sale items on July 13th to the 20th. After that, everyone else can start shopping from July 21st to August 7th. Feeling a little stressed out? No fret. I will be scouring the internet for you and picking out amazing finds. Just bookmark this page so you can keep referencing it as the sale continues. Don't forget to #NSALE to share your purchases.







Happy #NSale Shopping!


xoxo Alice

Jumpsuit Love

I was originally going to put this outfit together in a summer lookbook, but it was TOO good to be combined with others. This outfit screams me and I wanted to dedicate a whole post on it. First, I love jumpsuits and how they can be an outfit by themselves. Such an easy outfit to throw on and still look like you put in 110%. I love the cut of this particular Romwe jumpsuit and how my Lively bralette can peak out. The capri-cut also gives the jumpsuit a summery-vibe. I paired it with my Forever21 belt to cinch in the waist and threw on my ASOS sliders for a more casual feel. The hat was a necessity to block out the sun and my Stella & Dot bag held everything I needed for the day. Let me know what you think of the outfit down below!

Shop The Look:
Jumpsuit: Romwe

Polka Dots Are Staying For The Summer

By now, we have probably all seen the summer print, gingham, in practically every store and all over Instagram. But if you are not a fan of gingham, fear not. Polka dots are still here to stay for the season as seen on Vogue. It was seen on the runway for Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Gucci, and many more. Today I bring you an affordable polka dot look that is perfect for the summer. I stepped back from my usual edgy outfits, and tried to create a classic French inspired summer look. The main polka dot piece features this maxi-dress from MakeMeChic for only $25. Although a printed maxi-dress is bold, I wanted to add in a fun mix of print by wearing this thrifted silk scarf. Scarves around the neck always make a look instantly chic. I threw on my straw hat from Amazon (experimenting with Amazon Fashion) and added my MiuMiu shades + Stella&Dot earrings for the final chic touch. My shoes from Madeline are also also perfect for the summer and give me the extra height needed for a summer maxi-dress. If you try out this look, don't forget to tag #wonderlostxx. I would love to see it!

Shop The Look:
Shoes: Madeline

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

I value comfort more than anything else in an outfit, so this outfit is my go-to for the pre-night out outfit. This is something I would wear to dinner right before and then I would throw on an edgier top over this ensemble when I'm about to hit the town. This bralette from Lively is so incredibly soft I could live in it. It also has no wire so it is comfortable to wear. This skirt from Romwe has a suede texture and I love the criss cross details. It spices up the usual black skirt. I threw on my favorite leather jacket from Zara and my new go-to ZeroUV sunnies. This outfit screams edgy and comfort which is so me! Let me know what you think down below and #wonderlostxx if you recreate this look.

Shop The Outfit:
Bralette: Lively (discount code: AMB-wonderlostxx for $10 off! *sponsored*)
Skirt: Romwe
Jacket: Zara
Sunglasses: ZeroUV

Feeling Knotty

Today I'm styling this fun skirt from MakeMeChic. I love how there is a knot detail in front to spice up a typical pencil skirt. It looks like I've got a casual sweater tied around my waist, but... I don't. I decided to pair this edgier skirt with a feminine top from Charlotte Russe. This contrast between feminine and edgy is what I love to strive for in outfits. It just screams Girl Boss! I'm definitely going to be rocking this ensemble all of summer.

Shop The Look:
Skirt: MakeMeChic
Necklace: ShopSugarSands

Photographer: Wiseley Fong

Outfits: Two Alter Egos

Sometimes I feel like I have two alter egos: I want to look super edgy, but I also want to look incredibly put together. For this blog post, I decided to show you what I wear on an edgy day and what I wear on a more chic classy day.

The first look is what I wear when I want to tell the world I give no f***'s. I wore these statement leggings that have bold white stripes and draws in a lot of attention. I paired it with a lace bralette underneath to tone down the masculinity of the stripes. To show off the bralette, I put on a sheer t-shirt. I finished the outfit with my comfortable black sneakers and my casual sunglasses.

Shop The Look (Outfit #1):
Leggings: SheIn
Bralette: SheIn

The second outfit is for those days when I want to feel put together and girly. I wore this cute trendy off the shoulder blouse and paired it with a simple DIY pair of ripped jeans. The bow shoes add a hint of femininity and my handbag almost says "she's about to go to work". This outfit always makes me feel like a Girl Boss and I wear it on those days when I need to get a lot of work done.

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Top: SheIn

How To Wear Lingerie In Public

Lingerie has always been that genre of clothes that I admire online but never buy because I probably wouldn't wear it every night (sometimes I get lazy and just throw on one of those free shirts). However, when AdoreMe offered a selection of lingerie items to choose from along with other items, I decided to challenge myself and style this for an everyday look. I styled this babydoll lingerie top by adding a high-waisted denim skirt from MakeMeChic to hide the more scandalous portions of the top. Then I wanted to add some class to the outfit so I threw on this black coat and my Stella Dot accessories. 

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Lingerie Top: AdoreMe
Skirt: MakeMeChic

Photos by Ryan Chua


Frayed Denim

Distressed Denim has been in style for quite a while. I can still remember in high school when I used to use scissors to cut holes into my own jeans. For a while I thought all the different styles of distressed denims have come and gone, but I'm so happy another type of distressed-ness is back and it's incredibly classy and cute. This season, it's all about the frayed hemline on the bottom of the jeans. It's so subtle, but screams chic. It's the best! For the spring and summer season, I am rocking these jeans from Tobi ( http://www.tobi.com/ ). I'm still a fan of the rips on the jeans itself, so I opted for a pair that had rips in the middle as well as on the bottom. This pair of denim goes well with almost any outfit. My favorite combo to wear is this off the shoulder top from Zara paired with some fun earrings and straw hat. The accessories and shirt have a boho-vibe that is perfect for the festival season. I topped it off with some boots because my festival experience tells me that it's ALWAYS better to wear closed toe shoes. Got to avoid those people stomping on your toes. 

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Top: Zara
Jeans: Tobi
Earrings: Stella & Dot
Hat: Amazon Fashion
Watch: Daniel Wellington (dc: WONDERLOST)

Alternative tops and hats because I couldn't find mine online:

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A Compilation: Spring Dresses

I've been writing a lot of blog posts about individual spring dresses lately and I wanted to make a compilation of all the dresses I love because I find dresses to be the easiest item of clothing to style and wear. It fits for both work and free time and flatters every girl!

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Dress 1: Tobi
Dress 2: Clayton
Dress 3: Romwe

This first dress is from Tobi ( http://www.tobi.com/ ) and I absolutely love how feminine it is. The white color is perfect for spring and summer (look I'm not wearing black for once!) and the details in the front make the dress look expensive and chic. It falls mid-thigh, which I find to be the most flattering length for a lot of women. This dress has so many beautiful details that I didn't even need to accessorize. I put on my Daniel Wellington watch and this outfit was complete.

The second dress is from Clayton and I picked this dress for the people that love to wear color. I love the pastel color pairings on this dress. It isn't overwhelming and covers most of what I imagine a spring color palette to be. The cut of the dress is extremely trendy and showing off some shoulders is v sexy. Floral print is a must for the spring and I dressed it up because I think it's a perfect day-to-night clothing piece.
P.S. this dress is extremely soft!

This Romwe dress here is for all you edgier ladies. It's black and white, perfect for a minimalistic outfit. Yet, the off the shoulder cut is feminine and the black stripes are sporty. I paired it off with some black sneakers and a choker to finish off this minimalistic outfit. 

I hope you all enjoyed these dresses.
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