Upgrade that Look

You have probably been guilty of just throwing on a sweater, leggings, and boots and ran out of the door. Don't worry, I've totally been there especially because I'm always running late in the mornings. In today's post, I've got the solution to this last minute look, an adorable sweater and edgy leggings! This sweater from ShopSugarSands looks like the classic grey sweater. However, once I turn to the side, you can see the amazing lace up details. This is SUCH a trend this year and what a great way to incorporate lace up into your outfit without it screaming in people's faces. If you're going somewhere professional, just throw a blazer over this sweater and BAM you're ready. As for the leggings, they are also from ShopSugarSands. I just LOVE how it looks like faux leather. I'm all about incorporating that edginess into my outfit and this is the perfect way. People can't call you out for throwing on leggings if they're incredibly chic right?! To finish off the outfit, I threw on a pair of heels from ShoeMint that I bought years ago to make this look appropriate for the night. I would easily swap it out for OTK boots if you're running around during the day. I topped it off with a classic black bag and necklace to add a little something to this look. 

Shop The Look:

Sweater: ShopSugarSands
Leggings: ShopSugarSands


Below are some alternatives to the black shoes, bag, and necklace because I couldn't find my exact ones online. Honestly, I love all of these better ;)