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Travel Diary: Palm Springs

Travel Diary: Palm Springs

I took a little weekend trip to Palm Springs to relax and clear my mind. Initially, I wanted to write a Palm Springs travel guide blog post, but I realized I really don't know too much about the place considering the fact that I was really only there for about 48 hours. Therefore, I thought I'd just talk about my trip and give you my opinion about the places that were "must-sees". 


I've been to a fair amount of festivals and day clubs and I would have to give Splash House a mediocre rating. It's a large pool party in Palm Springs that spans across multiple hotels. At first, the idea of partying in Palm Springs sounded amazing until I got hit by the 120 degree weather. Seriously... how do people survive?! It was so hot that I had to go at 5pm because I couldn't deal with the sun. The hotels themselves are very small and the pool became instantaneously disgusting. Don't bring any floaties there because people will immediately steal them (I didn't get to take cute swan floatie photos :( ) The music + stage was also alright and it was hard to travel between hotels because they were far and you have to depend on their shuttling system which seemed non-existent. If you like hot weather and dirty pools, I recommend this pool party. If not, I would say you can skip it and not feel like you missed out in life. 


All I really wanted in Palm Springs was yummy brunch and a lot of the places were booked that Saturday morning. We ended up choosing this breakfast joint from yelp called Rick's. They give large portions of food for a relatively decent price (~$12-15). I ordered the vegetable omelet and it came with a large size omelet with some vegetables plus lots of french fries. It was definitely filling and I couldn't finish all of it - great if you're lowkey starving. However, the service is incredibly slow and if you're in a hurry I really do not recommend this place. 


Ok, NORMA's was on pretty much all the top brunch place lists so I was really excited to finally get a spot here on Sunday. First, this place has the famous Palm Springs orange door that most Instagrammers take photos at. It's worth being obnoxious and telling everyone to move to get that photo.


The food itself was EXPENSIVE. Why are the brunch dishes >$30?! Being the cheap ole me, I split the dishes with my friends and I was still excited because it's worth paying for good food. However, I was pretty disappointed when the food came out. We got the lobster scramble, french toast, and crab cakes and none of them wow'd any of us. Also for the price, we were just plain disappointed. The only thing that was worth getting were the smoothies. I would only recommend coming here for the photos outside because the hotel is gorgeous, but I wouldn't spend money on food here. 



Yes, that famous pink door you see on IG is in Palm Springs and yes it is worth going to. The house is so aesthetically pleasing to just stare at in person and it makes for a great background. PROTIP: wear a flowy dress and walk across for photos. Seriously, my friend did it and it looks amaaaahhhhzing!! There's also a funny crab house nearby that is also fun to stare at. 

That sums up the majority of my trip. Joshua Tree is a good 30 mins away so if you have time I would recommend going. I got to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower there and it was mind blowingly awesome.

Let me know if you want me to talk about anything else, but for now that's a wrap! Palm Springs is overall great and has awesome desert photoshoot locations. I still highly recommend visiting, but maybe less in the summer so you don't burn ;)'

Outfit Details:

Orange Door Picture: Dress: Tobi, Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Shoes: Steve Madden

Pink Door Picture: Top: Zara, Skirt: Forever21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Miu Miu

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OOTD: Business Casual

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OOTD: My Getaway