Romping Around

I’m currently living the grandma life, but I’m still shopping like a 21 year old girl. The problem? Way too many going out clothes just stuffed into the back of my closet. For example, I got this Zara romper I’m wearing in these pictures on sale, but I haven’t gotten the chance to wear it out. Although it would have been SO perfect for a night out in town, I don’t want to let it go to waste.

I decided that I needed to find a way to style this as an appropriate day outfit. I added a bandeau to hide the plunging neckline and threw on some old combat boots to edge up the look. To brighten up the all black look, I topped my outfit off with SLATE necklace and earrings from Rocksbox to add some more edge.

I also included this Forever 21 backpack to make this look school appropriate. Don’t be afraid to wear dressy outfits during the day time because who wants clothes to collect dust?!