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Travel Diary: New York

Travel Diary: New York

Hey everyone! I took a little trip to New York and thought I'd share with you all where I went and what I thought of them. Hopefully this can help you plan a great trip to New York!

1) Time Squares

This place is definitely a tourist trap. I honestly felt like I was going to suffocate and also worried I was gonna get whacked by a selfie stick. There are so many people and dancing elmos trying to rip you off. Also, the lights are so insanely bright from all the ads that it makes me feel like I'm going blind. I recommend going there once to experience this, but to never return again. If you do go, make sure to wave into that billboard that has a camera on the street. 

2) Empire State Building

I basically went to every touristy place in New York and this place is definitely one, cue Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys. However, I actually really really enjoyed this one! I could never grasp what exactly New York looked like since theres a bridge here and then some park in the middle there. Going up to the 86th floor (too cheap to pay the extra $20 to go up to the 112th floor), I got to see all of New York and where everything was in New York finally visually made sense. New York is such an impressive city. It's worth going up to get wow'd for a small price of $36. I went Friday mid-afternoon and there was hardly a line. I heard it gets really packed over the weekend, so I would recommend coming here on the weekday. It's also windy up there so bring that jacket of yours.

View of New York from 86th floor

3) Chelsea Market

I find this place slightly overrated. There were an unimpressive amount of food places and they were all so insanely expensive. I tried the currywurst shop, craftbar, and the coffee shop. The currywurst shop was too salty, the craftbar famous pastrami sandwich made me want to cry cause it was spicy, and the coffee shop was just your good ole overpriced shop. I might have just chosen all the bad places to eat, so I would only recommend coming here if you have some food recs. 

Some pretty lights in the market place

4) Broadway Show

Definitely watch one! I watched Phantom of the Opera after buying some cheap tickets off of Today Tix's and it was so worth it. Even though we were in nose bleed seats, the talent on Broadway is 100x better than the stuff here in California. I was so engaged into the show (could be due to the wine) and I really felt like I got the New York experience. Plus, its next to Times Squares so if your'e that tourist that wants to go check it out, it's super convenient. Note, no food allowed. I learned this the hard way

View from nosebleed seats taken from a great angle to make it look less nose-bleedy

5) Katz's Delicatassen

Have you seen Harry Meets Sally? Yeah me neither, but apparently they come to this deli and eat here. There's even a sign so it must be true. But besides being famous for the movie, the food was SO GOOD. WOW. GET THAT PASTRAMI SANDWICH! It's perfectly cut, perfectly cooked, they give you SO much meat, yummy pickles, your own choice of bread. All for a whopping $16 (gotta love New York pricing). My friend got some soup that looked good but I didn't try it. Won't comment on it. Do note, you pay when you leave so don't lose that ticket of yours. I also got here at Thursday 11am and there was no line. Apparently theres usually a huge line, so I recommend weekdays before lunch.

So many options

5) Brooklyn Bridge

It's so Instaworthy. Enough said. I would recommend going to the DUMBO side and walking back because there are less people heading that direction. It's really worth the walk across because the wiring detail is so intricate and you really get to see the other side of New York. If you want to see the Statue of Liberty but don't want to travel over there, you can see it from the Brooklyn Bridge. 

much wire

6) Grand Central Station

If you want that Gossip Girl Serena moment, yes come here! It's actually incredibly beautiful inside and I love how everybody there is off to another destination. There is a Magnolia's Bakery inside so if you want those yummy cupcakes here's your chance. There's also a cool wind tunnel area where you can face the wall as if you're in time out and the person on the other side can here you talk even if you whisper. There are also a bunch of shops so you could really just spend a long time in here.

I went to a few more places, but these were just the ones I felt strongly opinionated about. Feel free to comment below, slide into my DMs, or email me if you want to know more about my thoughts on New York or what else I did! 

All photo credits go to Jordan (@jordanjoz


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