My Julbox Jewelry Collection

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce an exciting project I've been working on with Julbox - my own jewelry collection! This is my first time designing jewelry and I wanted to design some simple and delicate pieces that can be easily incorporated into any outfit. I had a great time working with the Julbox team and they gave me great feedback on how to make some unique and creative. On the website, you can actually design some pieces for yourself to order! It's very easy to use the site and a great way to let your creative juices flow. I wanted to show you all my pieces in a blog post so I can explain them and show you how I style them. It would mean a great deal to me if you could check it out at: and give it lots of support! 

My Julbox Jewelry Collection:

Keep It Simple Necklace

One of my life long mottos is to always keep things simple. Don't overthink problems and sometimes the simplest solutions are right in front of you! I've designed this necklace to represent simplicity. The simple bar has a tiny indent, which is just a small nuance to a basic rectangular shape. If you ever feel stuck in a creative rut, just remember a simple change can make a big difference! 

Be Happy earrings

Fun and cute earrings to add some spark to your outfit. Pick up one with a crystal of your favorite color to brighten up your day. Stay smiley loves!

Love Forever pendant

Sometimes its hard to stay motivated, but when you ever feel down always remember that you are amazing and always loved! I've designed this necklace as a reminder to cheer up and stay true to yourself. The infinity bow in the middle represents the always and the heart around the bow represents the love. Pick one up for yourself to make sure you always stay positive!

How I style the pieces: 

I always picture dainty necklaces with dresses, so I thought I'd pair them with a cute striped dress with bell sleeves from Asos. This dress is the perfect transition piece from summer to autumn because its long sleeves to protect you from the cold, yet still breezy for the leftover summer heat. I threw on a panama hat because I was still dreaming of being on vacation and finished the outfit off with dainty flats from Nordstroms. The necklace and earrings then add the perfect touch to the outfit.

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