My legs are currently becoming incredibly pasty thanks to current fall weather. As someone who loves tanning in the summer, I was so happy when I had the chance to try out HelloSexyLegs new body bronzing products! They recently just launched in Sephora, so you can easily pick some up in store or online. These also make for great holiday presents or stocking stuffers.

The products I'm reviewing today are:
1) Tinted Glow Gel - $38
2) Contour Stick - $21
3) Illuminating Fluid - $34

The Tinted Glow Gel is basically a tinted moisturizer. It has slight shimmer in the lotion so your leg gets an overall glow I could definitely see an instant tan on my legs and I was so happy! The only downside is that your hands get tan as well, but that is easily fixed after you wash your hands :) 

The Contour Stick is similar to a stick bronzer for your face. The color itself is pretty dark and once it dries on the leg its hard to move. I recommend rubbing it immediately once you apply! You can use this to outline your muscles to give you that amazing definition we all dream of.

The Illuminating Fluid is definitely my favorite! I got excited and applied a lot, but a little goes a long way. This is VERY shimmery, but it makes your legs pop from far away! I recommend using just a pump. I also love how it comes in a pump because it makes the product a lot more hygienic!

Overall, I love all these products! It's the perfect way to make your legs look flawless for those upcoming holiday parties. And if you're a little lazy sometimes like me, it makes you look like you just worked out ;) 

Here is the process outlined in photos: 



Added tinted gel, contour stick, and illuminating fluid (you don't need this much!!) 

Applying more tinted gel because I love the color!

After: the picture does not do the results justice! But you can still spot the shimmer 

Links to the product are above, let me know if you try these products out!