Best Sneakers for a Casual Outfit

I'm rarely caught in jeans, but lately I have been investing more time into high quality jeans. Mainly, it's because I noticed they make butts look real good. Anyone else agree? 
As I wear more jeans, I've also been trying out more casual looks. That means I have also been on the hunt for the perfect sneakers to go alongside the looks! Luckily, I stumbled upon Shoes of Prey. They are an amazing brand that allows you to customize your own shoes! I've been wanting white sneakers for a while, but could never find one that was unique and fit my style. With the help of Shoes of Prey, I designed some white sneakers that have different textures on them. I love having a pair of shoes that other people rarely have. On the plus side, Shoes of Prey allows you to add inscription inside the shoes. Can you guess what I wrote?

I paired these shoes with Madewell jeans, t-shirt, and my latest obsession ... cape scarves. I love how warm they are and the fall vibes they give. Paired with these white sneakers, I'm loving my look and feeling extra cozy. And of course, I got you a discount code. Use the code "WONDERLOST" for a free custom inscription in your shoes. Think of it as a little personalized message to yourself every morning as you slip on the shoes. What do you want to tell yourself? 


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