Best Hats for This Fall Seasion

My favorite part about the fall season is the drop in weather, which allows me to wear chunky sweaters, hats, and scarves again. Today, I have rounded up some of my favorite hats to wear during fall (and winter!). Hats are the best to change up an outfit and to cover up oily hair. Some hats are from last season, but honestly every hat trend usually comes back every year or every other year. 


Berets are SO big this season! We saw them first last year in the color black. This year, it has come back bigger and better in beige, red, and patent leather. Wearing a beret makes an outfit instantly chic. 

Above is how I styled the black beret from 2016

Above is how I styled the beige beret from 2017


Beanies will be forever in - I've been wearing these since high school and I am still loving them. They are much more practical for the colder weathers because they trap all the heat coming out of your head and keep you warm. Fun fact: to keep warm, just wear a hat and thick shoes because your body releases the most heat from your head and feet.  This year, I found amazing beanies from King & Fifth. I love how thick the beanies are and they fit most head shapes. 


I wore my FORTE beanie when I went to brunch. I sat outside in the breezy SF weather and I was not cold at all. Also I wore the ESSIE beanie when I went glamping (blog post coming soon). The beanie paired with sweatpants made the comfiest combo. Since I love these beanies, I got you a code for 10% off "KF10%WONDER". Enjoy!


We also saw these last season, but they are still here to stay. They are a classier alternative to the classic baseball cap. I love how they have a boxy shape. For people with short foreheads (like me), it adds volume to the top of the head so you can fake a forehead. 

I hope you found this useful and will start adding more hats into your wardrobe. Don't worry I didn't forget straight-brim hats and fedoras. I just personally don't wear them as much, but I am on the hunt for some good ones. Stay tuned for an update on this post when I find one.

If you do style baker boy hats, beanies, and berets into your outfits, don't forget to #wonderlostootd so I can see how you style them. I will be creating a future blog post on my favorite #wonderlostootd !