Travel Diary: CABO SAN LUCAS

I have wanted to vacation in Cabo San Lucas ever since I received a Cabo Spring Break shirt in undergrad. This March, I finally went on a Cabo weekend trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I had such a blast! Cabo is the perfect place to go for your ultimate beach getaway. It was roughly 80 degrees every day with slight cool breezes at night. Having been to Tijuana and Enseñada, I would say this place is definitely a lot more touristy. I personally did not mind - the beaches and activities were still amazing and I like how I could speak English everywhere I went. There is also news online about the safety in Cabo, but I felt reasonably safe.   


To get around Cabo, we depended on private taxis that the resort offered and felt very safe. I would say the taxis were the most expensive part about the whole trip. It cost us around $20 to get into downtown Cabo San Lucas and several trips downtown really added up. Likewise, it cost $75 for two people to get from the airport to the resort. We paid only in cash for the taxis (and the rest of the trip). I highly recommend bringing a lot of cash. Most places accept American dollars, but you do have to double check the conversion rate. Some places purposely hike up the price when you're paying in dollars (more than the actual peso to dollar conversion). Paying in pesos is the best way to resolve this issue.


We stayed in the private resort area called Montecristo and found our villa through Airbnb. Upon arrival, we were stunned by how beautiful this place was. Our Airbnb was two stories and it had an infinity pool plus a Jacuzzi. The rooms were spacious with beautiful bathrooms. In addition, the resort itself had lots of security along with maid service. Honestly, I didn’t want to leave the villa at all during my stay.






For our excursions, we took a snorkeling cruise that left from the Marina. It was roughly four hours long and the all-you-can-drink cruise took you to another snorkeling destination an hour away. On the way, they stopped by the famous Arches and provided us with lots of photo opportunities. I had so much fun just lying on the boat and sun-tanning. At the snorkeling location, there were tons of blue fish. The best part about snorkeling next to the boat is that you can go up when you’re tired and re-enter the water when you feel ready again.  




Around the Marina, there were plenty of places to eat and shop. There’s even a Forever 21 in case you need to shop for a last minute outfit. We explored the local shops and many people bought fun hats.

On our last day, we stopped by the beach that was connected to the Pueblo Bonita resort. Make sure to go to the beach early to reserve chairs. The best part about being on a beach owned by a resort is that we could order food and drinks from the hotel. Next to Pueblo Bonita was Pueblo Bonita Rose. The resort had the prettiest pink walls and cacti that made for the best photos (for all you Instagrammers out there!).


Overall, I highly recommend coming to Cabo. It was the perfect place to sit back and relax. I do recommend staying at a nice resort for safety reasons. Some hotels have been reported online to have (not as safe) alcohol. Make sure you read reviews on the resort online before booking. Aside from that, have fun! If you have also been to Cabo, please comment down below with what your favorite part was. I would love to have more recommendations for the next time I go.


The Next Chapter


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Fast forward to today, I have found an amazing online fashion community and I am so thankful to have found people that tolerate what I like to post. Because of this, I have decided to take my blog and Instagram to the level I have always wanted it at. I believe blogs should contain high quality content, and I want to be able to produce only posts filled with rich content and high qulaity photos. I want to style more outfits and post more about trends, lifestyle, and fitness. In addition, I plan on writing trend reports, posting fun DIY projects, and much more.

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