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It is finally spring/summer season, which means the coats are going away and fun tops, bottoms, and dresses are coming out! I've compiled ten of the top summer trends for 2018 that I have seen most on Instagram, Pinterest, and online stores.  There are still so many more, but ten trends are already so much to think about when shopping. Don't forget to have fun this season and see how you can incorporate some of these trends into your wardrobe!

1. Straw Bags

We started to see these last season, but they are really here to stay. Adding a straw bag to your outfit instantly adds summer vibes to it. There are so many different variations coming out lately ranging from circle to bucket bags. There will definitely be one that will fit your style. The straw bag with a handle (shown below) was from Free People. Unfortunately, it is sold out, so I linked the green version below. 

2. Button down dresses

We also saw these types of dresses last year from Urban Outfitters. This year, most stores are carrying them and I am loving all the variations. You can find one in almost any color and any style. The most popular ones are solid white, denim, and stripes. My favorite are the thin strap dresses, but I have been eyeing more t-shirt style button down dresses and dresses with diagonal buttons going down.
I've found a few of these dresses in varying price ranges (also reflecting their quality). I highly recommend making sure the dress is linen for the warmer days and thick enough to not show your undergarments and allow you to go bra-less (such a game changer!)

3. Blazers

Blazers are everywhere this season, especially striped and pastel blazers. I am such a huge fan of this trend because blazers instantly make you look like a girl boss! Many stores are selling mathcing blazer and trouser looks together which is such a chic twist to the classic black blazer and skirt/trouser outfit.

4. Wide leg pants

This trend is my absolute favorite this season. Half of my wishlist includes various types of wide leg pants. They are so comfortable because there isn't fabric hugging your skin. I also find them very flattering because it hugs your butt and allows it to be the main focus. There are many types, including denim, elastic waist bands, trouser-like waistband, and many more. I highly recommend trying out a pair!

5. Co-ord sets

Co-ords are sets that have the same patterned top/jacket and bottoms. It is such a huge trend this year, commonly seen in matching blazer and trousers. There are tons of fun co-ords available. They are also the best bang for your buck because a co-ord set is really three different outfits! You can wear the top or bottom by itself and pair it together for another look. I always make sure to look for co-ords that I know can mix well with my other outfits. 

6. Puff sleeves

We saw puffs towards the bottom of sleeves last year. This year the puff is moving up. Many shirts now feature puffs on the shoulder to the wide shoulder look. It instantly makes you look powerful, yet feminine. 

7. Western

This trend is a little bit more understated, but when you start noticing it you will see it incorporated in many items of clothing available in stores. Western style boots are very in with the heel slanting inwards towards the front of the show. White western boots in particular I have seen on many retailer sites, such as Zara, Free People, etc. Fringe on the breast area of the shirts and microfloral prints are  also inspired from Western fashion. My favorite adaption of this trend is microfloral prints, heavily seen in TopShop.  

8. Microsunglasses

If you have seen the Le Specs Lolita sunglasses on Instagram, then you have seen the microsunglass trend. No more large oversized frames, make room for little frames that sit on the edge of your nose. Honestly, it does a terrible job blocking out the sun and is only great for Instagram. I predict this trend will die by next year, but it is a fun one to try out. Time to get that selfie camera out and snapping.

9. Ugly Sneakers

I honestly do not understand this trend, but dad sneakers are back in. They are your ugly chunky thick soled sneakers. One outfit I see a lot on Instagram is pairing large chunky sneakers with a blazer/trouser co-ord set. This look screams street style meets office wear.  

10. Rainbow Stripes

Beautiful rainbow stripes are now seen on so many outfits, especially on the Reformation website. This is such a fun way to wear lots of colors and there are a wide variations of these stripes in different retailers. I have not personally tried this trend yet because the colors scare me, but I see it on so many other girls and they look amazing!

I hope you found this trend compilation useful. Let me know down below in the comments what trend you are most excited to try, or are trying already! #aysdiarystyle to show me your looks. I will be featuring my favorite on Instagram Stories

xx Alice

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