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The Guide To The Best 90's Style Mom Jeans

The Guide To The Best 90's Style Mom Jeans

For the past ten years, I have been stuck in a constant cycle of buying lower-end denim jeans that have a great price, but never last. Lower-end denim does not conform to your body through time and the fabric wears out faster than higher-end jeans. For the amount of money spent looking for the perfect jeans, I could have simply bought a well-made pair of jeans that fit my body well. Recently, I decided to finally do my research and invest in a well-made 90s inspired pair of jeans. My wallet will thank me in the long run and the earth will thank me for shopping less.

The characteristics of a good 90s-inspired pair of jeans include a relaxed high-waisted fit at the top of the jeans and a tapered fit around the ankles. The fit should not be too baggy and it should make your booty look good. To ensure the jeans are timeless, the jeans should have minimal pre-sewn rips. Trendy rips can be DIY’d in the future if desired. Also, the jeans should not be too tight to ensure the jean can adapt to slight weight fluctuations in the future.

After scouring the internet, here are the top jeans I found (#notsponsored):

  1. Thrifted Jeans

  2. Agolde Hi-Rise Jamie Classics

  3. Levi Wedgie Fit Jeans

  4. Re/Done Black Originals High-Rise Stove Pipe Jeans

  5. Mango Sayana Organic Cotton Straight Jeans

  6. Reformation Liza High Straight Jeans

  7. Citizens of Humanity Charlotte High Rise Straight Jeans

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen me try some of these on. Each pair had their pros and cons. I decided to keep the Re/Done jeans. Below is a detailed description of each of the jeans.

Thrifted Jeans: Nothing beats a good pair of vintage thrifted jeans. Modern day stores try to mimic the shape of jeans from the 90s, but none of them replicate the jeans perfectly. One of my biggest regrets in my fashion career is trading a pair of vintage Levi’s I thrifted back in college in exchange for a burrito (don’t do it). I have yet to find a pair of jeans that has the same sturdiness and fit.

Agolde Hi-Rise: I loved the fit of these jeans. I’m 5’ 6.5” (short legs, long torso) and the length of the jeans fit me perfectly. I love how the hems of the jeans are not frayed and there is just the right amount of bagginess on the top of the jeans without looking too “fashion forward”. Unfortunately, I sized up since the denim is non-stretch and it was way too big. I recommend ordering them in your actual size.

Levi Wedgie Fit Jeans: I tried three different washes of these jeans: Bite My Dust, Shut Up, and These Dreams. These jeans are more fitted than the Agolde jeans. They are made out of non-stretch denim and the sturdiness and thickness of the denim can be felt. The jeans are called wedgies for a good reason - the rise of the jeans are very narrow at the top of the hips creating the “wedgie” look. The sizing also seems to be a half-size off of normal sizes. The size 26 was too small for me and the size 27 was too big. I recommend trying these on in the store before purchasing.

Re/Done Jeans: These jeans fit like a glove and are insanely comfortable. Most high-waisted jeans are uncomfortable to sit in all day, but I have sat through multiple 8 hour work days in these pairs and felt great. The cut of the jean is a straight leg cut and does not tamper in around the ankle. The fabric itself has stretch and gives the hips and glutes the perfect hug. The frayed ends of the denim offers an edgier look and goes with any outfit. I ended up keeping these jeans and highly recommend!

Mango Jeans: I have not tried this exact pair, but do own other pairs of Mango jeans. On the spectrum of cotton, Mango denim feels more like a thick cotton t-shirt rather than sturdy denim. Because the fabric is more lightweight and maleable, it is great for the summer months. The particular jeans shown below are wide-leg cut - more 60s inspired rather than 90s. I recommend Mango as a higher-end fast fashion brand that sells pieces which will last many years.

Reformation Jeans: +1 for how sustainable Reformation is. I recommend buying jeans here because of how eco-conscious the brand is and their efforts to reduce carbon emission and dye waste while producing the pants. Reformation jeans are velvety smooth. The denim fabric has a lot of stretch and creates a tighter fit around the legs. I found them to be extremely comfortable, but a little less flattering for my body shape (longer torso, shorter legs).

Citizens of Humanity: A little out of my price range, but many online reviews say the jeans are amazing :)

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